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Free COA, Capsule and Stand with Each Collectible Coin Purchase.



What Shipping Methods Are Available?
Orders up to $100 in value will typically ship USPS First Class with Tracking. Orders over $100 will typically ship UPS Ground or will include signature confirmation for extra peace of mind. We take shipping very seriously, so please expect your item to be packed better than you've typically received packages in the past.
Do You Ship Internationally?
Currently we will ship small orders internationally. Because there are many increases risks when dealing internationally, we must limit the amount of orders being shipped internationally. We will evaluate return customers in good standing to increase their order limits.


How do I place an Order?
All of our fine art collectible coins are exclusively available online at except for limited time availability on crowd funding websites or when they are pushed to 3rd party marketplaces direclty from our store. We do not have any plans to wholesale or approve 3rd party vendors at this time. If you do see our collectible coins in the wild they are probably from individuals that have purchased them direct. Please be sure to verify authenticity when purchasing from 3rd party individuals. We will be very proactive in enforcing the quality standard of our collectible coins and ensuring there are no reproductions being exchanged on major online marketplaces.
What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
Currently we are accepting all major credit cards and debit cards through our Credit Card processor. We may explore accepting Crypto Currencies in the future as demand increases.
Do you allow pre-orders?
We intend to set up a pre-order system for those customers who would like to subscribe to future releases in each collectible coin series. Because of the volatility of the precious metals market and supply constraints, we will take a small down payment only. The cost of the collectible coin will be determined 30 days before mint date, and that balance will be communicated to you at that time. You may approve or cancel the order after this notice. We intend to keep the pricing as consistent as possible, but market forces are beyond our control.

Our Promise to You

What is the Purity of my coin?
Each collectible coin will be marked with it's purity, typically .999. We stand behind the integrity and purity of our metals and promise that the collectible coin will meet or exceed the purity stamped on the collectible coin face.
Are your collectible coins high quality?
We strive to provide the finest quality in fine art collectible coins. As a collector ourselves, we realize that condition is very important to collectors. Therefore we will treat each collectible coin with our white glove standard. Each coin will come encapsulated in a collectible coin capsule of appropriate size.
Are your collectible coins limited?
Each minting will be strictly limited in nature. As mint run increases, the amount of collectible coins minted will as well, making lower mintings more rare, desirable and collectible. Rest assured the mint edition will be clearly noted on the coin face, the website and on the certificate of authenticity. Our first minting of our Zeus coins will only have 150 Silver and 300 Copper minted. So when we say rare, we mean it! It's in our name!


Are returns allowed?
We guarantee the quality, purity and safe arrival of our product. Beyond this guarantee we do not allow returns as we must preserve the integrity of our limited and exclusive coins and the authenticity of them as well. Once the collectible coin has left our distribution facility, we can no longer track the integrity of the collectible coin, and that's where returns would get messy. We may update this policy in the future as more tamper-proof options become available to us.


In some instances, due to the exclusivity and limited quantities of our products, product may be oversold with respect to our available in stock inventory. In this event, Ultra Rare Coins will do it's best to secure the product at the price you paid. If this is not possible, we will offer a comparable substitute, such as the next available minting. If you opt out of the substitute, or a comparable substitute is not available, you will receive a prompt refund to your original purchase price. Please allow up to 10 business days for your financial institution to process your refund and display it on your current statements. We place strict customer limits on most of our early minting collectible coins to ensure all customers have an equal chance at getting low mint run coins on release days. Due to this, any orders above the stated limited quantity will be refunded to your original form of payment.
If you wish to cancel your order, you must notify us within 24 hours. If it is early enough, we will process a prompt cancel and refund to your original payment, less any transactional fees, should they be uncancellable, such as with single direction crypto payments. In some instances, your product may have already been fulfilled. In these situations, you may refuse delivery at the time of carrier fulfillment. When the package is returned to us, unopened, we will refund your purchase less any foregone processing, shipping or fulfillment expenses.

Market Volatility

Why did the price of the newest collectible coin change?
Due to volatile market conditions, the prices of future releases and editions of collectible coins may change dramatically. These are market forces beyond our control. We will do our very best to communicate these changes with you as they occur. To lock in the best pricing be sure to take advantage of our presale and subscriber only discounts.
Why are the prices higher on other marketplaces?
We encourage private parties who purchase from us to enjoy their rights to either keep and cherish our collectible coin for the years to come or sell them on marketplaces available to them at their discretion. If the collectible coins command higher than retail prices, we believe that is encouraging. We hope that we are making quality products which preserve value for those who purchase from us. As always, be sure to confirm the authenticity of the products when purchasing from 3rd parties.

New Release Schedule

When will your new collectible coin be released?
We will designate a day each month that our collectible coin will be released at 12 PM Eastern. At that time orders will be open to the public through our website. Keep in mind that limits per customer may exist on each collectible coin due to the limited nature of our mint runs, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to purchase. We reserve the right to set the quantity per customer on each collectible coin we release. Any over allotments purchased by the customer will be partially cancelled and refunded at our discretion.
What are pre-orders?
Presales are either available through crowd funding websites or directly on our website. It will be designated as presale status. Presales are set when the mint run has been secured. Quantity limits will exist on presales just as regular products. Presales and subscriptions remain the best initial pricing on all of our collectible coins.
What are subscriptions?
Subscriptions are the only way to ensure you are guaranteed future collectible coins for each series. The price provided will be a placeholder and may change as the release date becomes closer. You will not be charged beyond a down payment until the retail price has been determined and the current collectible coin is scheduled for production. Presale and Subscriber only discounts will be realized as a % off of the confirmed retail pricing. Current Presale and Subscriber only discounts may be up to 50% off our projected retail pricing for each collectible coin.

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