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Terms and Conditions


Because of the collectible nature of our products and to ensure the integrity and authenticity of our products for all of our current and future shoppers, we do not accept returns. Rest assured that your item will be handled with extreme care and shipped with extra protection to ensure the item arrives to you in the very same condition it was sent!


Ultra Rare Coins does not share your information with 3rd parties unless it is necessary during the normal course of business, to fulfill your orders or to contact you to communicate information related to our products, services or website. Rest assured we take our customer's privacy very seriously and would never violate the trust of our patrons.


In some instances, due to the exclusivity and limited quantities of our products, product may be oversold with respect to our available in stock inventory. In this event, Ultra Rare Coins will do it's best to secure the product at the price you paid. If this is not possible, we will offer a comparable substitute, such as the next available minting. If you opt out of the substitute, or a comparable substitute is not available, you will receive a prompt refund to your original purchase price. Please allow up to 10 business days for your financial institution to process your refund and display it on your current statements.

We place strict customer limits on most of our early minting coins to ensure all customers have an equal chance at getting low mint run coins on release days. Due to this, any orders above the stated limited quantity will be refunded to your purchase price.

If you wish to cancel your order, you must notify us within 24 hours. If it is early enough, we will process a prompt cancel and refund to your original payment, less any transactional fees, should they be uncancellable, such as with single direction crypto payments. In some instances, your product may have already been fulfilled. In these situations, you may refuse delivery at the time of carrier fulfillment. When the package is returned to us, unopened, we will refund your purchase less any foregone shipping or fulfillment expenses. 


We live in uncertain times. Because of this, the precious metals market may be extremely volatile. We expect surges in customer demand when the price of precious metals fluctuates dramatically. This may effect current in stock products and future releases. We will do our very best to communicate the prices of our new releases with our customers. We also reserve the right to increase unsold inventory including out of print or early minting coins at our discretion. We will not cancel or modify existing orders as long as they are made in line with our terms and conditions and as long as we have the available in stock inventory to meet the demand.

Market volatility will most likely affect future coin release prices. Therefore we will only issue pricing once our future mintings have been secured at the prevailing market prices.


Presale and subscriptions remain the only way to lock in the very best pricing on future releases of our coins. These are the only way to guarantee that you receive priority access to limited releases, especially of 1st mintings. The price provided will be a placeholder and may change as the release date becomes closer. You will not be charged until the retail price has been determined and the current coin is scheduled for production. Presale and Subscriber only discounts will be realized as a % off of the confirmed retail pricing. Current Presale and Subscriber only discounts may be up to 50% off our projected retail pricing for each coin.


We anticipate heavier than normal traffic on our coin release days. Once the presales go live, you may experience service outages or sold out alerts. Please expect heightened demand during these periods. We will do our best to make sure quantity limits are being abided and will release any additional inventory back to the website if and when over allotments are purchased. Be sure to utilize our presale and subscribers features to ensure that you don't miss future releases and early mintings.

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