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A monstrously beautiful coin

A well designed coin reflecting the ferocious appearance of the mythical Manticore. A fitting addition to any collection.

Very cool

Solid workmanship, great addition to the collection!

Artemis copper

Great coin again. But the image is more difficult to see than the other ones. You have to look carefully to see the Goddess in detail. The other coins details were standing out better.

Minting the Monster

Being a ferocious monsters in Greek Mythology this coin perfectly illustrates the monster in all its ferocity a perfect coin for any fan of greek mythology or Hellenism.

12 Coin Case Deluxe Windowed Collectible Display Box

Ultra rare Coins

I like it and i will purchase coins.

Great coins

I love the details in the coins and the display box is good for my display case.

Got My Greek Mythology Display Box!

I received my Greek Mythology Series display box in the last two weeks of April. I have #1-7 of the twelve .999 silver rounds so far. The display box is beautiful! The rounds look stunning in it! The box is perfect and delivery was fast. I might find a "hanger" so I can mount it on my office wall rather than desk display it; no problem. If there was a problem, it's that I need five (5) more .999 rounds to be struck to complete the collection.

Beautiful way to hold 12 coins!

This is also gift to go with the set of coins being collected by subscription for my dad-in-law. It’s well made and will hold the 12 coins in the collection in a beautiful presentation format!

STUNNINGLY Beautiful- Greek Mythology #7 Poseidon .999 Silver

I received my #7 (of 12) Poseidon Greek Mythology .999 Ag coin last week. I'm collecting all 12. These collectibles are truly fine pieces of art. The detail is amoungst the finest you've ever seen. They're arguably finer than Britannia's in brilliance and detail. They're reasonably priced also. You either have them in your collection or you don't. If you don't, you should. They're available in copper also.

A coin to make Poseidon proud

A very well made coin that well represents the majesty and power belonging to the god of the sea. Very well designed and with well defined details.

Another beautiful coin! Super excited to for the next one in the series!

High quality coin! Shipped and arrived super fast!


I have purchased several of the Greek Mythology designs and have been impressed with each one. They are beautiful and make great presents for my children, as they are a gift they can keep and enjoy for many years to come.


Like the other coins in the series, the Pandora design is uniquely beautiful. I plan on collecting other coins in the series as presents for my children.

Excellent way to make sure you get all the coins!

I am getting the coins as a gift for my dad-in-law and this subscription makes it super easy to make sure I get them all without fail! You’re not billed until a coin ships, so it’s perfect!

Beautiful, detailed coin

This was my first coin from Ultra Rare Coins and I was very happy with it! So I am getting Minotaur next!


I love the coin

Athena Pandora Medusa

The copper Greek goddess coins are perfect. Good weight, large radius, details are nicely sculpted. The copper layer seems to be good quality and the color is great. The plastic protectors are nice and we even got a plastic stand for each coin.

Beautiful coin. The detail is elaborate. Great shine.

Incredible Gift!

Yet another amazing coin to gift to my dad-in-law! Beautiful detail and always wonderful quality!

The nicest coin in my stack

The Medusa copper I got looks amazing. I also really enjoy the Certificate of authenticity as it looks great on display, lots of gold embellishment and so forth. Thanks again guys.

#5 Of 12 - Icarus 1 Oz Fine Art Round Greek Mythology Series 1 -.999 Fine Silver

I love the Icarus Round and looking to purchase next Mythological Round from Ultra Rare Coins

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