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Tips to Preserve your Collectible Coins.

Tips to Preserve your Collectible Coins.

Have you purchased a collectible coin and what to keep it looking good? 

Here are a few tips to help preserve your treasure.

  1. Limit the amount of time that you touch the coin with bare hands. If you must handle the coin, be sure that your hands are clean and dry. The naturally occurring oils from your skin can cause discoloration in the metals. This discoloration is sometimes referred to as patina or toning. In silver this can be represented as a green tarnish or a multi-colored hue. As silver does not degrade over time, the surface may become discolored from oxidation. And this oxidation may result in the various colors that are part of the toning process. This can typically be removed and buffed off with a jewelry cloth. Be careful not to use any harsh chemical cleaners, as this will erode the natural metal. Also, our copper coins are coated with a thin lacquer to keep the quality shine of the metal over time, as copper is more likely to tarnish over time compared to silver or gold. 
  2. Keep the coin encapsulated. If you intend to handle the coin, you may want to do so while keeping the coin in its capsule. This case will prevent direct contact between naturally occurring oils in skin and the surface of the coin. Also, it will reduce the contact with oxygen in the atmosphere which may begin the aging process. 
  3. Keep your coins in a cool dry environment. If you want to use a dehumidifier to reduce atmospheric humidity, that may also be a good idea. As with collectible instruments and ephemera, the environment in which it is stored makes a big difference. So be sure to store your collectible coins in an environment that will not be subject to great swings in humidity or temperature. Be sure to keep it out of the cold as moisture can condense on the metal surface and this beading could result in moisture pooling which could lead to faster aging of the visual appeal of your coin.

No matter how well you treat your coins, there are always potential circumstances which you didn't plan for. If you have additional tips in extending the quality of your coin, please send them to us and we may update this list over time.

Thank you for reading and happy collecting!

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